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mono-2.4 resolution for F11, needs doing by F12

Thanks to many hours of debugging by Steven Munroe, we have a mono-2.4
final package that can go into Fedora 11.  Thanks Steven!

This package does gloss over two issues that should be worked on for the
Fedora 12 release... and the earlier the better:

1) We're able to build by linking the mono vm statically to libmono.
AFAIK, libmono implements the runtime and the mono binary just wraps
that up into an invokable program.  When we link dynamically, we get a
stack overflow when using the built mono with mcs to compile c sharp
files needed for the System library.  Interestingly, this fails on sparc
(both solaris and fedora) as well, although the failure is different.

This is something we need to fix because we don't know why we're failing
when linking this way.  There's a chance that other programs that want
to embed the mono vm (via linking to libmono) will fail in similar ways
to the mono binary in these circumstances.

2) We're not building for ppc64.  We haven't had mono on ppc64 before
now and we generally run ppc32 userspace on ppc64 so this doesn't block
F11.  If I understand all the communication about this, though, it
should now be possible.  We just need to bootstrap this on F12 rawhide
and make sure that it works.


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