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Re: Saving space on the DVD

Le mercredi 15 avril 2009 à 23:35 -0700, John Reiser a écrit :

> In my opinion, 58MB for texlive-texmf-fonts on a DVD for "general use"
> is excessive: more than 1% of the available space, and frequently unused.

It's even worse than that, a lot of stuff in there could be widely used,
but because the texlive maintainers do not install their fonts in
fontconfig space as required by our font packaging guidelines, most apps
do not even see some of the fine fonts included in TEX (in
general-purpose TTF or OTF format).

Also our guidelines would require splitting this package, which would
allow selection of the best fonts for the DVD, while dropping the rest,
and solving your problem.

If there are people on the list who understand TEX, please, invest the
time needed to clean up this package.

Nicolas Mailhot

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