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Re: Saving space on the DVD

On 04/16/2009 08:36 PM, Chris Adams wrote:
Once upon a time, John Reiser <jreiser BitWagon com> said:
Then I "yum install" and download only what I use, which often is about
1/4 of what I would get by installing Software Development from a recent
Fedora DVD.  Make a separate Software Development "spin" (platter image)
if demand warrants.

I know it might just encourage growth without limit, but would it be
possible to have multiple DVDs?  Maybe we could have something along the
lines of the original multi-CD setup, where everybody used disc1 (the
installer, @core, @base, the other common stuff).  Then there could be a
Development DVD; if you want dev tools installed, you download that disc
and feed it to the intstaller.  Maybe a KDE DVD (and before anybody
flames, I'm not picking on KDE; GNOME is the default in Fedora, so KDE
_could_ be pushed to a separate disc).

Obviously, the support for multiple discs is there for CDs, but I don't
know if it could handle arbitrary discs instead of just 1, 2, 3, ...
(and it is obviously too late for F11 anyway).

What would then also be nice would be for secondary DVDs to use a
different directory instead of Packages (kind of the way RHEL 5 does
it).  Then it would be easy for someone with dual/double-layer DVDs to
combine their favorite image with disc1 with nothing more than a basic
DVD program (no need for createrepo or the like).
I don't know how naïve this makes me for supporting, but I like the idea of having a so-called "core" DVD followed-up by supplemental DVDs with additional software.  The Fedora 11 Beta DVD (i586) has 2,533 packages, while rawhide (currently) has 13,269.  While I'm not sure I want to say we should have every package on the DVDs, I wouldn't mind having, as mentioned above, extra DVDs with groups content, especially where such content is relatively large, as is the sum of all development-related packages.  Installing from the Beta DVD as an additional repo has really saved me a lot of time.  Sure, I could make a local repo of rawhide too, but that would mean I'd need to download an enormous amount of data, which is exactly the scenario I'm trying to avoid.

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