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Re: My first DontZap use case while testing F11 beta

On Thu, 16 Apr 2009, Lars E. Pettersson wrote:

> > Haha :) No, it's just that, as far as I can see, the impact on newbies
> > is that we tell them to reboot instead of doing ctrl-alt-backspace.
> Yes, but why? There is no need to reboot the machine just because an
> application, X in this case, causes problem. You only have to kill X, and
> restart it, this is just what ctrl-alt-backspace have done in an excellent way
> for years. I frankly can not see why this feature should go, just because some
> few accidentally have pressed just that key sequence.

And in fact, anyone claiming that this is a good solution has a very bad
case of Windows mentality. Rebooting a machine is not nice. It might affect
other people. What if someone is running X to use virt-manager, and his
X session is stuck? Rebooting would be an awful solution. And we will have
many people who atthat point will be hitting ctrl-alt-bksp to see nothing
happen. Sure, they can try and ssh in, and sure they should have had sysctl
enabled, but this is really stretching the gains of the fix versus the
costs of the fix.

Every release (except f11) people have complained about the sbin directories
only being in root's path. Ever release people have complained about the -y
option for autofsck. every release some people have complained about the
mv/cp/rm aliases for root. EVery release people have complained about the
initrd's on dom0 not containing xenblock so the same initrd cannot be used
to boot guests.

But until ctrl-alt-bksp was disabled, I've never seen a flameware on
accidental key presses killing X on the fedora lists. And yes, it has
happened to me too, and I once confirmed ctrl-bksp would kill my X session
without the alt key, with no stuck alt keys, but it has happend to me twice
in the last 10 years. X locking up however, occurs to me somewhere at least
once every month or two. And I don't want to walk to another machine to
figure out the dhcp ip i got, hope i have ssh enabled, just so I don't have
to trash my machine.

There are solutions to please all parties involved, the suse patch. Not
doing that is simply ignoring user demand, and will contribute to a lesser
user experience.


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