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Re: Getting rid of /usr for F12?

On Thu, 16.04.09 20:11, Konstantin Ryabitsev (icon fedoraproject org) wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 7:58 PM, Lennart Poettering
> <mzerqung 0pointer de> wrote:
> > And for the folks who think /usr is awesome because it allows mounting
> > /usr ro while mounting / rw: it's not. Much more useful it would be if
> > / in its entirety could be mounted ro. Debian allows that. It's not
> > too hard to make that work on fedora as well.
> I object on the ground that I routinely make a separate /usr partition
> in order to avoid encrypting gigabytes of binaries. My partitioning
> scheme usually is:
> sda1 -> /boot
> sda2 -> /usr
> sda3 -> encrypted LVM with everything else
> This scheme makes a significant difference for things like starting up
> eclipse or OO.org on an underpowered laptop (or, really, any laptop
> under battery power). Since portables is where FS encryption most
> useful, getting rid of /usr will make it significantly more difficult
> for me to conserve power and not waste it on needlessly
> encrypting/decrypting binaries.

It would make more sense to make /home an encrypted partition and
leave / unencrypted.


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