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Re: Getting rid of /usr for F12?

On 04/17/2009 01:58 AM, Lennart Poettering wrote:

there's one topic that keeps popping up in various discussions: can't
we get rid of /usr? The seperation of / and /usr doesn't make much
sense anymore. We could make /usr a symlink to / for an interims phase
and everything would be good for conservative folks who think the FHS
is the holy bible.

In the past more and more stuff has been moved from /usr to /. It's
unlikely that it's going to become less. Also, right now I am aware of
quite a few packages that don't get the seperation of / and /usr right
and rely on stuff from /usr during early bootup.

Let's eliminate this source of errors and clean up our file system
layout a bit. Let's drop /usr for F12!

And for the folks who think /usr is awesome because it allows mounting
/usr ro while mounting / rw: it's not. Much more useful it would be if
/ in its entirety could be mounted ro. Debian allows that. It's not
too hard to make that work on fedora as well.

We wouldn't exactly be the first system without /usr as it seems. Hurd
does that too as I was informed. That makes at least one thing they
got right.

Let the flamefest begin!

I think that getting rid of /usr is a pretty pointless excercise in moving
things around. What we do need todo is better document in which scenarios
having /usr on a separate partition then / is supported and in which not.

That would seriously limit the amount of stuff which would need to be
moved to / , for example having a separate /usr on a network based
filesystem (or blockdevice such as iscsi) will not work, as netfs now
a days get mounted after NetworkManager and NM itself lives in /usr.

So what we need is a good document describing which combo's of separate
/ and /usr we do support and which we do not, more in general a document
which describes which dirs may be on separate partitions from / would be
good as I've for example seen bug reports that having /var on a separate
partitions has issues (to which my reply then is, well don't do that you



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