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Re: Profiling X, KDE, KWin and friends...

On 04/15/2009 07:12 PM, Ilyes Gouta wrote:

I'm running Fedora 10 on my old Thinkpad R50e, which has a Pentium M and an intel 855GM graphics card and I'm not happy with the performance of KDE, Kwin, Xserver and al. where sometimes, I can clearly see a given window getting its background cleared and its content redrawn slowly. I remember I didn't have annoying artifacts when I was running Windows, three years ago on the same machine. I don't have composition enabled or any fancy thing in my KDE setup. So basically, I'm asking if you guys know about any profiling tool that would enable me to see where the system is spending its time, especially when rendering the desktop.

Any ideas?


I was having terrible problems with F10 on my 4+year-old laptop, and I am now running rawhide from a F11 Beta install, and nearly all my problems, including disk & display performance problems, have gone away. I hope I am not far from the truth when I say (at least as I've been told) Xorg in F10 had some issues, almost all of which are fixed in the version that is scheduled for F11.

Try the F11 Beta or Snapshot Live CD on a USB stick or bootable flash memory, like I did. You'll probably notice some great improvements.

Note: I've /only/ had these problems with F10. F8 & F9 never gave me performance problems.

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