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Re: Getting rid of /usr for F12?

Andrew Haley wrote:
Lennart Poettering wrote:
On Fri, 17.04.09 06:48, Ralf Corsepius (rc040203 freenet de) wrote:

Lennart Poettering wrote:

there's one topic that keeps popping up in various discussions: can't
we get rid of /usr? The seperation of / and /usr doesn't make much
sense anymore.
This is a very short-sighed view.
Oh, is it?

We could make /usr a symlink to / for an interims phase
and everything would be good for conservative folks who think the FHS
is the holy bible.
Religiousity isn't the point - The point is: There are reasons for why the FHS rsp. the GNU standards are setup the way they are.
First of all FHS is not a "GNU standard".
Secondly, it is of course very convincing if you just nebulously say
'there are rasons' instead of mentioning any.

Well, sometimes the fact that something *is* standard is far more important
than what the standard is.  And /usr has been around for a very long time,
and lots of software (an people, for that matter) know that it's there.
Much of the GNU configured software by default installs in /usr/local.
There has to be a very high bar for changing common practice.


I can't help chiming in here - as a sys admin back at Brandeis in the early eighties, I had a professor with root privileges try to "fix" the spelling of "usr" for us on the department Vax running BSD.

Needless to say, not much worked when I got in the next morning to find my "/usr" had been renamed "/user".

Not sure how much would break today, but at relative dawn of UNIX time, it was painful :-) (And I revoked he lost root access, tenure or not)


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