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Re: VirtualBox guest additions prevent usage of kernel deltarpm

On Fri, 2009-04-17 at 14:09 -0400, Andre Robatino wrote:
> When the VirtualBox guest additions are installed for a given kernel, 
> this apparently modifies the files modules.alias.bin, modules.dep.bin, 
> and modules.symbols.bin in the corresponding kernel package, so the 
> kernel deltarpm can't be used, and the full kernel package must be 
> downloaded.  Considering that this is a common situation, and that these 
> files are much smaller than the entire kernel package, is there any way 
> this can be worked around, so the drpm can be used?  (VirtualBox doesn't 
> seem to have any utility for removing guest additions, so I haven't 
> tried that.)

The easy way is to mark those files as %config.  Then deltarpm won't try
to delta those particular files.


P.S. It's not just VirtualBox.  If you use any kmods, I think you'll run
into this.

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