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Re: Getting rid of /usr for F12?

Juha Tuomala wrote:
> On Monday 20 April 2009 22:12:29 Jesse Keating wrote:
>> /srv exists as a place admins can put things without worry of the
>> operating system interfering.  Once you start interfering, /srv/ looses
>> it's usefulness, and admins will start making /data or /web or other
>> such things again.
> Having such feature off by default would add one more step (enabling it)
> and putting disks back into reinstalled system. Nobody would have to
> worry anything.
What Jesse is saying is that the FHS standard for /srv is that
distributions are not to touch it (other than creating the directory).
Site admins can then do whatever they want there.  This may involve
creating a separate hierarchy like:


But it's equally valid for the site admin to instal a package named
"etc" in there like this:


Or the information in there could be totally different.  This
information is entirely up to the site admin.  If we try to read any
information in there, we take away this freedom of the site admin to
modify things to their hearts content within that hierarchy.


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