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Re: FOSS needs a central bug tracker

2009/4/21 Mark <markg85 gmail com>:
> [...]
> And that brings the total amount of people in on irc channel to talk
> about the idea (me included) to 10 (top 10 distros) + 6 (projects with
> bug trackers) + 1 (me) = 17 ppl.
> That's a lot of ppl to "reform" bug tracking to one place.

You're forgetting that for most of the groups you mention they are
exactly that. They are groups and considering in each case it would
effect virtually the whole group it would be impossible isolate a
single individual from each group who is qualified to make a decision
on behalf of the entire group. If you can get 1000s of people into a
single irc channel and get a coherent conversation going then i would
love to see it.

> I'm also playing a bit with the idea that there is one central bug
> tracking system with ALL (ideally) foss projects in it and that place
> is the main and upstream place(that's the general idea you all know by
> now). Then allow people to somehow hook into that bug tracking system
> (see it as a remote (mysql) database) which they can backup and use on
> there own site with there own bugzilla. All bugs reported on there
> site along with all changes will be (in the background) posted or
> updated on the big foss bug tracker. That way you keep your local
> bugzilla's but all data is stored on one place (even though the
> participating parties can back there own section up if they want) and
> can all be accessed through one site (lets say openBugTracker.net or
> fossBugTracker.net). That would be the best way to go at it i think.
> The only thing that all existing bug trackers have to do if it's going
> to be done in this idea is update virtually every part of the bug
> tracker they use to let it use an external database... just that
> nothing more ^_^
> O and please stick to this subject. OpenID is very interesting but
> really not the subject.

OpenID may not be the main subject but honestly it seems the only
realistic option at this point. It is something that is realistic and
feasible. It stands a real chance of finding support across the wide
group of projects and organizations you are talking about. It provides
a significant improvement to one of the larger issues you mentioned
and in the long run it provides a foundation and stepping stone for an
evolutionary change to the single bug tracker you are looking for.

If you want to go straight for the complete goal in one go then i will
shut up about OpenID by all means but if you want a novel on why the
whole job in one go will almost certainly result in failure then let
me know and i will provide.

There are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who understand binary
and those who don't...

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