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Re: Independent Fedora bug tracker

On 04/22/2009 11:47 PM, Will Woods wrote:
On Wed, 2009-04-22 at 23:42 +0800, Basil Mohamed Gohar wrote:
Forgive me for being so bold, but it's an issue I've felt strongly about
for quite some time now - namely, that I believe the Fedora Project
community should be hosting our own bug/issue tracker.

This discussion is moot unless you can find someone with the manpower,
hardware, bandwidth, and expertise to maintain such a bug tracker -
24/7/365 - for the entire Fedora community.

So far we've identified *one* organization willing to do that - Red
Hat's Bugzilla team.

Unless you've got someone else who can commit to that, there's really
nothing else to discuss.

Just to stick to the guidelines I made in the original post, could you please enlighten me as to the extent of work involved in maintaining Fedora's portion of Bugzilla? For example, how many people, machines, TBs, & experts *maintain* Fedora's portion of Bugzilla? These are legitimate questions, especially since you've posted them as a "blocker" to my proposal.

With that out of the way, I really would like to know how hard it is to maintain an issue tracker for a FOSS project as large as Fedora. My initial idea is, "Not really", aside from the scale. If that's far off, I' really appreciate knowing the daily challenges faced in keeping Bugzilla up-and-running.

Are you on the Bugzilla team? If not, could you cajole someone from the team to respond? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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