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Re: Independent Fedora bug tracker

On Wednesday 22 April 2009 11:23:31 am Basil Mohamed Gohar wrote:
> On 04/23/2009 12:14 AM, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
> > Biggest Con is that infrastructure which already has limited resources
> > would need to run it. AFAIK  we have no one with experience that could
> > setup and run a bugzilla/ other bug tracking system.  this is largely the
> > reason why we have not done it.
> >
> > The other reason its not been done is that we need a way to move bugs to
> > Red Hat's bugzilla and move from Red Hat's bugzilla to whatever we run. 
> > people misfile bugs.  they effect fedora and rhel and need cloning. 
> > there is alot of extra bits needed that you seem to not have considered.
> >
> > Step 1 find people to do the work,
> > Step 2 do an analysis of the needed workflows.
> > Step 3 find hardware, bandwidth and all needed resources
> > Step 4 setup system, and migration plans
> >
> > Just trying to point out its not as simple as you seem to think.
> >
> > Dennis
> Actually, I think the Fedora Infrastructure team, from what I've
> witnessed, is more the capable of doing this.  Unless I'm totally
> clueless (which I may be), if Fedora Infrastructure undertook running an
> issue tracking system themselves, I do not think it would be the most
> complex system in the whole project.  I think they handle far more
> challenging tasks on a day-to-day basis.
As one of the people on the infrasructure team i'm telling you we do not have 
the resources or knowledge for this.

It has taken us a long time to think about migrating mailing lists.  Which we 
are slowly doing.

> I think the misfiling of bugs would be far *less* if we had separate
> issue trackers.  What are the odds a Fedora user is going to file
> something on Red Hat's Bugzilla, if they've never heard of it before (I
> can understand, during the transition, a lot of this happening).
> Likewise, who would file a bug for RHEL in Fedora's issue tracker, if
> they're completely separate websites?  Maybe I just didn't understand
> what you meant here.
> I definitely didn't think it was simple.  Rather, I feel it is important
> and we should make a goal to achieve.
> And everyone keeps talking about bandwidth for Bugzilla.  Am I missing
> something?  Are there huge binary files being transferred that I'm
> missing?  How many GB/day are we talking?

Bandwidth doesnt just come out of the air.  all of fedoras bandwidth is 
donated by someone.  as is alot of the hardware that we have.

> I believe allowing Fedora Infrastructure to run their own issue tracker
> will result in a leaner & meaning instance that will likely run better
> than Red Hat's, if only because it'll be fresher, but also because
> they'll have greater control to suit the community's needs.

We would need to import every fedora bug from Red Hats bugzilla.  it would be 
smaller but not that much smaller.  If we dont do this we would create alot fo 

I suggest that you take this to the infrastructure list. fedora-devel is 
really the wrong place for this discussion.


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