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Re: Can we have a Delta-DVD release

Andre Robatino wrote:
Jonathan Steffan wrote:
James Gallagher wrote:
Even if the image size is kept below 4.3GB for a single disk, the delta download would be welcomed by many.

Look into makedeltaiso and applydeltaiso. You end up needing the
original (previous release/target) and the delta. This is only useful if
the old ISO is left around and you want to end up with a full ISO on the
other side. The size of a delta ISO between Fedora releases might be
larger then expected. It would be interesting to see some data on this

One can use a script such as the rawread script at


to read an ISO off an optical disc. So the original ISO(s) can be read off the original install media, if one has those. Or one can just make a point of keeping the original ISO(s) on the HD after installing. And even if the size of the deltaiso was 60% or 70% of the full ISO, it would still be worthwhile to many.

Although the applydeltaiso man page doesn't document it, for the input ISO argument you can use /dev/dvd after popping in the old DVD (using the /media directory name doesn't work), for example

applydeltaiso /dev/dvd Fedora-9_10-i386-DVD.diso Fedora-10-i386-DVD.iso

When I tested this, it took somewhat longer than it did when using the ISO on the HD (48 minutes instead of 38). Still well worth it. I make a habit of keeping the old ISO on the HD, though, so if the old disc breaks or something before the new version of Fedora comes out, I can just burn a new copy.

If {make,apply}deltaiso are generalized to allow multiple input/output ISOs (I filed bug #497205 for this), this won't work anymore, since most people only have one optical drive. But in that case, someone could create a user interface that allows reading/writing the discs by popping them in, one at a time.

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