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Re: Fedora 11 nerfed my mixer

On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 4:17 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-04-23 at 15:36 -0400, Orcan Ogetbil wrote:
>> My wife have had this problem with her computer freezing when browsing
>> the web.
>> I finally saw a system.log error regarding pulseaudio and I
>> immediately removed all the pulseaudio crap from her computer.
> Why didn't you file a bug? If you don't report problems when you
> experience them, how do you ever expect it to get better?

I said this before (but maybe not under this thread, so sorry):
Because pulseaudio is not worth it.

Pulseaudio has been a failure in all 3 of my computers. And I don't
know (in person) anyone who has a working pulseaudio setup. All
positive things I heard about pulseaudio were from a handful of people
I discussed here and on irc. Majority of people that I communicated
does not want pulseaudio.

And yes, I don't know how I allowed it to get into my wife's computer.
I blame myself for that.

Pulseaudio proposes nice features. But proposing is one thing,
implementing is another. It is pre-alpha quality for now, and
shouldn't be allowed for public consumption. Maybe in 2-3 years (with
this pace), we shall make it optional for curious testers.


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