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Re: PulseAudio and sound apps (was: Re: Orphaning a few packages)

On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 11:39 AM, Lennart Poettering  wrote:
> On Fri, 24.04.09 11:33, Orcan Ogetbil wrote:
>> >> It might be working on your system and possibly a handful of other
>> >> people's. But that's all.
>> >
>> > What is CA?
>> >
>> It is an evil *curse*. And Fedora is waiting for its hero to lift it.
> Ah, got it. You are such a funny guy.
> I mean, I have a pretty good idea of the bugs in bz that are posted
> against PA. And I am not aware of any bug that would describe issues
> with PA mishandling multiple sound card setups *ever*. So for a
> change, what about actually referring to an actual bug report about
> this.
> Ok, this really enough. You, sir, are a lier, are clueless, poisonous
> and spreading FUD. Please just go away, will you?

Okay, I think I delivered all my points. I'm going not going to say
more for now.

But, please recognize that your confusion of facts with FUDs ruins the
Linux experience of many people, including those who want to "switch"
to Linux. It is really not nice to switch to a system where your
computer freezes 5 times a day. It causes bad reputation not only for
Fedora, but also for Linux and free software.

I'm returning the "lier, clueless and poisonous" accusations, and I
stand behind everything I said, which are nothing but facts, including
(but not limited to) CA is 99.99% crap; it freezes systems; it does
not properly support multiple soundcards; and it must be wiped off of
our planet for the good of humanity.


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