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Re: The Great Pulseaudio Mixer Debate: a modest (productive) proposal

On Sun, 2009-04-26 at 19:29 +0200, Rémy Maucherat wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 6:28 PM, David Woodhouse <dwmw2 infradead org> wrote:
> > I'm not sure about 'yesterday', but I can certainly speak about 'three
> > days ago'. That's when my father's new laptop arrived.
> >
> > I'd just installed the flash player and was making sure YouTube worked,
> > when I realised that I can't actually turn the sound up enough to hear
> > it over the radio unless I install and run gnome-alsamixer and turn the
> > 'Front' slider up...
> >
> > My MacBook Pro has the same issue, but that's _months_ old now so
> > presumably it's more acceptable that it doesn't work right without
> > gnome-alsamixer?
> Great, so you personally experience one bug, and since you happen to
> be on a technical board, you use that privilege to impose your own
> little solution to your personal problems. Neat case of blatant power
> abuse.

No, he encountered two bugs. We have had at least ten different reports
of this type of bug to this list and -test-list. I have seen at least
nine reports of this type of bug on fedoraforums. We have also had
several manifestations reported to Bugzilla either as separate reports
or comments on the initial bug I filed on this issue.

And that's _just people running F11 pre-releases who are sufficiently
motivated to complain about it_. That's a very high level of complaint
reporting within such a small group. Multiply it out to everyone who
will use the final F11 release and what you have is an extremely large
group of users.

If anyone remains to be convinced I'll send a follow-up email with
explicit links to every separate report of a problem of this type that
I've seen.
Adam Williamson <awilliam redhat com>
Red Hat

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