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Re: Abandon "Default Desktop"


> I propose that we stop referring to and ship a "Default desktop" but instead
> will start
> referring to their project name instead.
> AFAIK what would be required to accomplish this is change all documentation
> and filenames to refer to Gnome desktop instead of Default desktop, Fedora
> desktop or just Desktop and make minor changes to Anaconda.

You would also have to make it so that the "GNOME desktop" group is
not checked by default when installing with a DVD (change in comps.xml
if I'm not mistaken)

But wait, that means that a new user without any skill will have no
desktop installed if he doesn't check this box himself. I'm not sure
the effect on them will be positive ;)

IMHO, we need to have a checked checkbox bu default in installation,
which means we need to choose a desktop environment and make it the

That doesn't mean we treat other desktop environments as if they were
second class citizens, but that's not the point you are raising here.



Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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