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Re: [ANNOUNCE] New Mixer Handling in PA 0.9.16/F12

On Fri, 2009-07-31 at 11:10 +0000, Thomas Janssen wrote:

> > I'd like to ask everyone to test this new volume logic. If you don't
> > raise your voice now that some output port is not properly detected or
> > audio is too faint then later on you won't have any right to complain.
> I think you do what you can to make an excellent job on PA.
> What i really dont like is this quoted part. Not everybody is able to
> test that right now. Means all that people who can't (for whatever
> reasons), are screwed "later" (whatever later means).

Two points.

Firstly, that's the nature of testing.  Not everyone can test things and
sometimes some peoples situations get missed.

Secondly, Lennart posted this to fedora-devel-list which is for people
willing to test the current version of fedora.  So everyone on this list
who interested in this can test it should they wish.


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