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Re: Kernel built from source stuck during boot

Markus Kesaromous wrote:
Dear list,
I installed kernel from source rpm. I did not build it via rpmbuild.
Rather, I first ran
rpmbuild -v -bp kernel.spec

then I cd'ed to  ....BUILD/kernel-2.6.29/linux-2.6.29.i586

I configured it (make xconfig)
and built it - make all.

Build went witout a hitch. Ditto with Install and modules_install.

At bootup, it quickly scrolls through some output of probed devices and seems to stop there. No gui. No login prompt. The KB driver does respond to keyboard key strokes. But other than that, nothing.

My machine is a UP, AMD Athlon64 (but I compile only for 32 bit). In  xconfig, I disabled all SMP stuff. I set the frequency governor to Performance, among other things (such as enabling rt2860 driver in the staging area).

Would someone on this list be able to have a look at the .config file and tell me what is missing or mis-configured?

Not sure if I should attach the config file here, or send it as an attachment to someone who is willing to have look and get back to me. Please advise.



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You may attach it here.

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