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Last few orphans left

There are only a few orphans left.  I blocked all that weren't causing
dep breakage, so these /really/ need a home or we need to block a few
more things beyond just the orphans.  glade2 is on this list because it
was just recently orphaned.

Unblocked orphan cryptix
Unblocked orphan glade2
Unblocked orphan libdockapp
Unblocked orphan qt-qsa
Unblocked orphan tomoe

List of deps left behind by orphan removal:

Orphan: cryptix
    cryptix-asn1 requires cryptix = 3.2.0-13.fc12

Orphan: libdockapp
    wmacpi requires libdockapp.so.2
    wmacpi requires libdockapp-devel = 0.6.2-3.fc12

Orphan: qt-qsa
    LabPlot requires qt-qsa-devel = 1.1.5-7.fc12
    LabPlot requires libqsa.so.1

Orphan: tomoe
    tomoe-gtk requires tomoe-devel = 0.6.0-15.fc12
    tomoe-gtk requires tomoe = 0.6.0-15.fc12
    tomoe-gtk requires libtomoe.so.0
    tomoe-gtk-devel requires pkgconfig(tomoe) = 0.6.0
    tomoe-gtk-devel requires tomoe-devel = 0.6.0-15.fc12
    tomoe-gtk-devel requires libtomoe.so.0

The script that generated this page can be found at 
There you can also report bugs and RFEs.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating

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