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Release Engineeirng meeting summary for 2009-08-03

 Minutes (text):

Meeting log
* **roll call**  (f13-18:10:25_)

* **Old Business**  (f13-18:12:54_)

* **Orphans (old business)**  (f13-18:13:14_)

  * *ACTION*: f13 will re-post the current orphans that will break deps
    to try and get some movement on them.  (f13-18:16:46_)

* **gpg purging (old business)**  (f13-18:17:11_)

  * *ACTION*: f13 still needs to file a ticket about gpg purging in koij

* **Critical Path (old business)**  (f13-18:18:51_)

  * *LINK*: https://fedorahosted.org/bodhi/ticket/346

  * *ACTION*: now that the ticket has been filed, lmacken will report in
    a week's time if any progress has been made.  (f13-18:23:14_)

  * *ACTION*: f13 still needs to package offtrac  (f13-18:23:32_)

* **Mass Rebuild (old business)**  (f13-18:24:24_)

  * *ACTION*: dgilmore will draft an SOP (with help) for managing RPM
    changes in rawhide.  (f13-18:25:49_)

  * *INFO*: Comps listing of critical packages is not a depclosed
    listing.  (f13-18:33:03_)

* **no frozen rawhide (old business)**  (f13-18:33:50_)

  * *ACTION*: f13 still needs to file a bodhi ticket  (f13-18:38:04_)

  * *ACTION*: lmacken will create the ticket instead  (f13-18:38:32_)

  * *AGREED*: No Frozen Rawhide has been punted to Fedora 13

  * *ACTION*: f13 will report to FESCo this change.  (f13-18:46:10_)

* **Rawhide fixup for rpm deps (old business)**  (f13-18:47:24_)

* **Fedora 12 Alpha (old business)**  (f13-18:51:06_)

  * *ACTION*: f13 to fix issues with full pungi composes in order to
    produce Test Compose for Fedora 12 Alpha  (f13-18:52:31_)

* **Package Signing (old business)**  (f13-18:56:46_)

  * *ACTION*: f13 will coordinate bridge/vault rebuild with smooge

* **open floor**  (f13-19:07:06_)

  * *ACTION*: f13 to threaten recursive blocking if orphans are not
    picked up by tomorrow  (f13-19:12:11_)
Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating

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