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Proposal for voice data naming guide

I've tried out gcin's voice data, it's neat, interesting, and useful.

Since it does not depend on gcin, I wish to pack it as an independent package, so other packages can use it. However, generally, what should we name it and other voice data?

How about: voicedata-<locale>-<generated_method>-<source>-<variant>

* locale: Locale string like en_US, zh_CN...
* generated_method: The algorithm or synthesizer that generate the voice, or "realperson" if the recorded voice is from a real person.
* source: Name of the project or organization that provides the voice.
* variant: Optional field for noticeable info, such as the person who provide the voice, or parameter of the synthesizer.

Thus, according to the naming guild, gcin's voice data should be named as:

Any comments?
Ding-Yi Chen
Software Engineer
Internationalization Group
Red Hat, Inc.

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