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Re: kde-4.3.0 coming to F-10, F-11

Jesse Keating wrote:

> It's supported, but there are those of us that feel that it shouldn't be
> getting version updates, only bug fixes.  Just going by the version
> numbers, 4.2.4 to 4.3.0 seems like a fairly big jump.  However it could
> just be a bugfix rollup, it's hard to tell just by looking at version
> numbers.  The fact that there are warnings about abi issues would make
> it seem a bit more than just bugfix updates.

Rest assured, things are backward compatible, but not forward, ie, apps 
compiled against kde-4.2.x run are fine on kde-4.3.x, just not necessarily 
vice-versa.  That's the abi issues we're warning about.

Further, this is a case where a vast majority of known bugfixes are found in 
the version upgrade.

There are also other mitigating factors (upstream and downstream), but I'd 
prefer this not be the time or place to go into that.

-- Rex

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