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F12 Alpha Test install

Things I ran into when trying to install this test image and checking to
see if anyone else ran into them, or ask for confirmation on what I see
or shouldn't see.  BTW, install consisted of downloading x86_64 dvd iso
and it along with the images/install.img both residing in a mounted nfs
directory.  I burned boot.iso and used it to start the install from,
while the install.img I got from mounting the dvd.iso and copying it to
the proper location.

1 - askmethod - was able to select language and keyboard types, but it
didn't let me configure network or type of install.  It might have let
me do the previous later on if I had proceeded, but it asked me about
what partition and path to the install image to install from.  But mine
is on nfs and it didn't allow me to configure nfs at that point.

2 - My mouse was not detected at all during install.  Or at least, I
never saw the mouse arrow during it.  Had to use keyboard the whole

3 - I used the GUI to do the install and when getting to type of
install, I tried to select NFS and listed my server and path to iso
image (yes dir is mounted), and it was looking for repo stuff for
instead of detecting the iso image itself.

Just a few things I ran into during install.

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

Fedora Project - Tester, User, Bugzapper, etc..

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