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Re: New facility to request tagging actions

On Tue, Aug 04, 2009 at 09:35:28PM -0700, Jesse Keating wrote:

> This will function much like the 'update' target, it will prompt you to
> edit a file to fill in the target and a description of your change.  It
> will use a cli tool (fedora-hosted) to file a ticket in the rel-eng trac
> for you, and you should receive an email with the results of the filing.

This is a cool feature.

> +# Description of your tag request\n\
> +notes=Here is where you give a description of what you want to change,\n\
> +rational for why the change is important enough to break the freeze,\n\
> +impact of not accepting the change, and what testing has been done.\
> +Or if this is a tag request for updates, just the info about the updates.\

I did not yet try it out, but there is some information missing:
tag requests are also needed for buildroot overrides and not only
to break a freeze.

> +		$(FEDORAHOSTED) -u $(USER) -P rel-eng new-ticket -s \
> +			"Tag request $(NAME)-$(VERSION)-$(RELEASE) for $$target" \
> +			-d "$$descript"; \

You might want to check whether or not this is a EPEL branch and set the
component to EPEL for EPEL tag requests.


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