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'IT Security' in comps? (was Re: comps comps-f12.xml.in,1.71,1.72

Recently, you've added the following groups to comps:


You've also added a new toplevel category. This means this new nebulous
'IT Securty' item is pushed at the toplevel, much as 'Desktops' or
'Language Support'. That seems misplaced to me. 

While I know that we do allow some discretion in adding to comps, none
of this was discussed beforehand on this list (that I saw), or in FESCo.
These sorts of large scale changes are the sorts of things that should
be discussed.

What is the overall goal of these changes?

Why isn't this just done via a menus package in the security spin?
Wouldn't that be more useful?

Many of these packages are *already* in other groups; having them
now be explicitly listed in multiple groups doesn't really make sense
to me, especially when we already have 'Administration Tools' and
'System Tools' groups.


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