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Re: KDE vs. GNOME on F10

On Wed, 2009-08-05 at 12:58 -0700, Jesse Keating wrote:
> It also would require multiple CVS branches, one for security, one for
> adventurous, as well as different buildroots to go along with those,
> since you wouldn't be able to build a security update for a gnome
> package against the newer adventurous gtk and expect it to work on the
> older GTK, likewise if you had to modify a gnome package to work with
> newer gtk, you dont' want those modifications in the way if/when you
> need to do a conservative security update for it later.

Oh I forgot, you also need -testing versions of each of those repos, so
for any release, you could have updates, updates-testing, experimental,
and experimental-testing repo options and build targets and buildroot
shuffling going on.  WHAT FUN!

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