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Re: 'IT Security' in comps?

Till Maas (opensource till name) said: 
> > You've also added a new toplevel category. This means this new nebulous
> > 'IT Securty' item is pushed at the toplevel, much as 'Desktops' or
> > 'Language Support'. That seems misplaced to me. 
> How can I bundle the groups, if not with a category? Or can there be
> subcategories?

I'm not sure they need to be bundled. Especially with 'IT' as a
prefix; code analysis is code analysis; password recovery is
password recovery.

There's also ongoing work on package tagging that may fit better
for more finer grained usages such as these.

> I asked on this list and got a reply from Jesse Keating:
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2009-May/msg02292.html

My mistake. 

> > Why isn't this just done via a menus package in the security spin?
> > Wouldn't that be more useful?
> No, because this does not help me with my search from yum.

Tagging would help with this; as it stands now, 'yum search wireless'
or 'yum search wireless sniffer' would return the packages in your
wireless group.

> Btw. this is
> true for other package groups, too. E.g. we have a KDE spin and a KDE
> group in comps.

Sure, but KDE is a much broader use case. I feel that the groups as
you defined them are probably too fine grained.

Moreover, what's the usage case in that you really need all three
tools (which is the default if you install the group you mentioned)?


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