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Re: 'IT Security' in comps?

On Wed, Aug 05, 2009 at 04:07:59PM -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Till Maas (opensource till name) said: 
> > > You've also added a new toplevel category. This means this new nebulous
> > > 'IT Securty' item is pushed at the toplevel, much as 'Desktops' or
> > > 'Language Support'. That seems misplaced to me. 
> > 
> > How can I bundle the groups, if not with a category? Or can there be
> > subcategories?
> I'm not sure they need to be bundled. Especially with 'IT' as a
> prefix; code analysis is code analysis; password recovery is
> password recovery.

The IT prefix is only used in the group id, which is afaik not visible
to the used and not translated. I don't understand what you want to say
with "password recovery" is "password recovery". There is nothing to
argue about, but nevertheles the groups are related to each other, which
already expresses itself that they are all on the security spin. Also it
allows other people to easier ignore them, instead of cluttering other

> There's also ongoing work on package tagging that may fit better
> for more finer grained usages such as these.

I do not know the details about, but this will probably be a good
enhancement in the future. Or is this ready to be used within the near

> > > Why isn't this just done via a menus package in the security spin?
> > > Wouldn't that be more useful?
> > 
> > No, because this does not help me with my search from yum.
> Tagging would help with this; as it stands now, 'yum search wireless'
> or 'yum search wireless sniffer' would return the packages in your
> wireless group.

Probably, but this cannot be done right now afaik.

> > Btw. this is
> > true for other package groups, too. E.g. we have a KDE spin and a KDE
> > group in comps.
> Sure, but KDE is a much broader use case. I feel that the groups as
> you defined them are probably too fine grained.

I obviously don't feel so. I feel more like it is the best solution
given the current technical possibilities.

> Moreover, what's the usage case in that you really need all three
> tools (which is the default if you install the group you mentioned)?

Everyone on a multi user system can use the tool of his preference. Also
there may be a feature in one application, that is missing in another.

Btw. I fail to understand what trouble this is causing you. Thanks to
bundling all together into one category, it will even disturb you less
than six (or more) groups in some other category, where the stuff you
are interested is.


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