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Re: KDE vs. GNOME on F10

Adam Williamson wrote:
> the rt2860sta wireless driver

Aren't there patches for that one already? As the driver is Free Software, 
it can be fixed. By the time 2.6.31 gets even to updates-testing, RPM Fusion 
will already have the patches.

And, by the way, Fedora intentionally refuses to support out-of-tree kernel 
drivers, see also the FESCo decision some time ago to ban standalone kmod 
packages in Fedora and the rationale that was given (paraphrasing: we don't 
want kmods as we think out-of-tree kernel modules should not exist). (My 
personal opinion is that Free out-of-tree modules can be supported because 
they can be fixed if they're broken, proprietary ones are a wholely 
different issue though.)

> To bring it back to where we came in, we have a problem in that the KDE
> team are following one policy (update to the latest KDE release on the
> basis that it brings in new shiny goodness and fixes more stuff than it
> breaks) while the GNOME team are following the other (don't go to the
> latest point release in the interest of consistency). This doesn't make
> sense - if some parts of the distro are going with the adventurous
> policy, it renders the caution of other parts essentially null and void.
> The caution of the GNOME team doesn't really work, overall, if the
> kernel is following the adventurous policy. Conservative users still
> aren't going to go with Fedora.

I think upgrading GNOME too should really be considered. But according to 
what our GNOME maintainers replied, it seems to be much more reliant on the 
very latest version of core system components than KDE is, so there appear 
to be good reasons for the current "inconsistency".

        Kevin Kofler

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