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Make upstream release monitoring (the service formerly known as FEVer) opt-out?


currently upstream release monitoring[0] bug filing is opt-in, which
means that it will be only performed for packages that have been activly
added by probably a maintainer of the package. There is at least one
maintainer that does not like having these bugs filed for his packages,
so he can remove his packages from the list.

It might be easily possible in the future to monitor a bunch more
packages and create bugs in case there are newer versions available at

Would it be ok, to do this and allow maintainers to add there package to
a black list, so that no bugs will be filed or should it continue to be
opt-in? Then the packags will still be checked, but only reported by
other, non intrusive ways, e.g. via a website.


[0] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Upstream_Release_Monitoring

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