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Re: KDE vs. GNOME on F10

On Friday 07 August 2009 14:05:25 Thomas Janssen wrote:
> > And back to the topic, afaik the KDE 4.3 packages have indeed been
> > tested (via kde-redhat/testing etc) before being thrown on the f10 &
> > f11 users.
> Indeed. Even the RCs up to 4.2.98 have been tested via the kde-redhat
> repo, bugs filed and fixed. I'm one of them who run always the latest
> and greatest from kde-redhat.

I am one of those who test kde packages both from kde-redhat and from rawhide. 
In every case the packages appeared first in rawhide, later in unstable of 
kde-redhat and only later on updates-testing, by the time the packages are 
submitted to updates they have passed all those different levels of testing.

Do not forget also the update to emacs 23.1 made recently. Before that I 
always tried the repos who had emacs compiled for the latest Fedora stable 
version. I was glad when I saw the latest emacs available for F-11.

José Abílio

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