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Re: Fit and Finish, round three: peripherals

>> > > > a camera, a phone, a usb stick, or whatever gizmos you
>> > > > have at home...
>> > >
>> > > Real plastic and metal plugs only, or bluetooth connections as well?
>> >
>> > Bluetooth is definitively in scope.
>> The scope seems worryingly large, to me, on this one. We could talk
>> about modems, 3G modems, mice, headsets, webcams, phones running any one
>> of a dozen different operating systems (all of which behave and are
>> supported - or not - entirely differently), mp3 players, Wiimotes, drum
>> kits, steering wheels, video cards (yes, I've got a USB video card
>> here), or a zillion other completely different things (all my examples
>> are things I actually have lying around my apartment somewhere). There's
>> no real unified software layer handling all these cases (well, udev and
>> hal probably get involved in most of them, but they're nowhere near the
>> whole stack necessary to actually do anything useful), so I'm not sure
>> we're going to get much useful focused work done with such a broad
>> scope.
>> sorry to sound like Mr. Negative, just thought it was worth raising my
>> concerns!
> Apart from the USB video cards, if you have any of those, feel free to
> come around.

I saw something a while ago about the DisplayLink (as opposed to
DisplayPort) USB Video standard released code/drivers as GPL for linux
but I've never seen anything further about it even in my random
following of the X mailing lists. I have no idea what the state of the
code is but it would be interesting to get support for it as there's a
lot of 7 inch USB displays, USB "docks" etc that use the standard.



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