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Re: enigmail for F-11's thunderbird ?

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On 08/08/2009 04:39 AM, Gregory Hosler wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm looking for enigmail for F-11's Thunderbird
> I tried the nightly build for Thunderbird 3.0 alpha, but that doesn't seem to be
> recognized. I also tried the enigma-thunderbird plugin from rpmfusion, and that didn't
> seem to be recognized either.
> Any thoughts / comments on getting enigmail working with thunderbird on F-11 ?
> All the best,
> -Greg

One of those 'duh' moments I had was when I realized that the Enigmail I'd
installed as user was preventing Thunderbird from using the RPMFusion Enigmail
I'd installed and was wondering why it wasn't showing up.  I didn't even realize
this behaviour until I gave up on the old one and figured if I couldn't use it
anyway, might as well uninstall it.
So, what's happening with yours?  Is it showing up in the extensions list at
all?  If so, disabled?  Old version?

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