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Re: enigmail for F-11's thunderbird ?

El Sat, 08-08-2009 a las 12:03 -0400, Mail Lists escribió:
> On 08/08/2009 07:38 AM, Frank Murphy (Frankly3D) wrote:
> > On 08/08/09 12:39, Gregory Hosler wrote:
> >> Hi all,
> >>
> > 
> > Works fine for me.
> > Did you get TB from Mozilla?
> > 
> > I believe enigmail is setup fro the Fedora packaged version of TB,
> > which is on TB 3 Beta2
> > 
>  I am using stock F11 tb and enigmail from rpmfusion on x64 - and it
> does NOT work. It says 'not compatible'.

Why is thunderbird-enigmail in rpfusion-free rather than fedora proper?

Actually, why does rpmfusion-free even exist?  A cheeky question,
admittedly, but I'm honestly curious.

>  Since the mozilla builds do not provide x64 (which is a shame 64 bit
> are basically the baseline now with core 2) and the plugins are not 64
> bit I am not using them - but if you use the 32 bit mozilla tb and
> enigmail nightly from mozilla - they do work.

And here's another thing I've been wondering for years: why doesn't
Mozilla provide Linux x86_64 builds?  It should probably be asked on one
of their lists, though.

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