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Fedora Release Engineering meeting summary for 2009-08-10

 Minutes (text):

Meeting log
* **roll call**  (Oxf13-18:08:41_)

* **old business**  (Oxf13-18:14:50_)

* **orphans (old business)**  (Oxf13-18:15:37_)

  * *ACTION*: Oxf13 will send warning about recursively removing cryptix
    today  (Oxf13-18:16:43_)

* **critical path (old business)**  (Oxf13-18:17:11_)

  * *LINK*: http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=126049

  * *ACTION*: Oxf13 will make sure the latest fedora-packager gets
    tagged for Alpha so that the tag-request make target can be used.

  * *ACTION*: lmacken still needs to report on critical path bodhi
    updates  (Oxf13-18:20:46_)

* **rpm changes (old business)**  (Oxf13-18:21:15_)

  * *ACTION*: dgilmore will draft an SOP (with help) for managing RPM
    changes in rawhide  (Oxf13-18:21:42_)

* **no frozen rawhide (old business)**  (Oxf13-18:21:56_)

* **signing (old business)**  (Oxf13-18:23:01_)

* **Fedora 12 Alpha**  (Oxf13-18:24:22_)

  * *AGREED*: A newer anaconda will be tagged today, even if it's known
    broken, to help with verifying other bug fixes.  (Oxf13-18:35:09_)

  * *AGREED*: Slip alpha 1 week. Intend to slip final one week. Discuss
    schedule consequences at the planned release readiness meeting while
    using logistics list to gather feedback.  (Oxf13-19:10:12_)

* **open floor**  (Oxf13-19:19:41_)

  * *ACTION*: Oxf13 will announce Alpha slip  (Oxf13-19:20:44_)

  * *ACTION*: poelcat will announce intention to slip final and start
    discussion on logistics list to discuss impact of such slip.

  * *AGREED*: no need to vette the slip decision via FESCo

  * *ACTION*: Oxf13 to deliver F12 key ID to notting for mash configs

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating

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