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Re: Consistent PolicyKit system policy

Colin Walters wrote:
> Well, there are a variety of  technical approaches; maybe instead the
> spin config is a desktop-spin-config RPM or something.  But the point
> is that the CD downloaded from the website should be configured
> appropriately for unmanaged (or really self-managed) systems, but we
> need to be able to explain to administrators creating a managed
> desktop environment how to configure things.  I think differentiating
> on RPM defaults versus spin config is a relatively clean way to do
> this, but other suggestions are welcome.

That makes no sense. The default should be OK for all environments. And the 
current PackageKit setup works just fine for shared labs too.

> Comps is the correct approach here; the "GNOME Desktop Environment"
> group is roughly equivalent to the spin, minus any customization.

Don't forget that there are 2 primary desktop spins (and 1 or 2 additional 
ones at spins.fedoraproject.org).

        Kevin Kofler

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