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Updates lacking descriptions

I've noticed 4 updates for Fedora 10 recently that lacked any description, bug-links or any information besides the package version to explain what they were or what they would do. This is a problem. The update #s are: 6250, 6409, 7653 and 7838. I posted comments on their pages at admin.fedoraproject.org requesting a description, and have not had any response so far. I commented on one about a month ago, and the other 3 just now.

I would have directly contacted the submitters, but I was unable to find a way to do that from the admin.fedoraproject.org update pages.

What would be a good next step for me to take to help get descriptions added to these updates (and make sure this happens less often in the future) ?

(I'm not receiving mail from the list, although I'll check the archives; so please CC me if you want me to see your reply promptly)

Jesse Weinstein

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