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Re: Updates lacking descriptions

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> Whether a changelog entry tells
> - Update to upstream release 1.2.3
> - Update due to http://ustreamurl/releasenote-1.2.3
> - Upstream update:
> .. <long verbose list of details>
> is entirely irrelevant to both, you and to Aunt Tilly (she won't read
> them at all and even if she will not understand it).

It's not irrelevant to me. If there's a link to the upstream changelog, I 
just have to follow it. If there's none, I have to find it first.

> Also, is naive to presume there always is a RH-BZ for each
> upgrade/update or that a bug upstream is fixes has ever been tripped
> over in Fedora.

You can add an URL for an upstream bug in the plaintext update notes.

> With you folks demanding more explicit changelogs you are rudestly
> pushing around package maintainers and force them to waste time to
> fullfill your solely burecratic demands.

You're free to leave.

        Kevin Kofler

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