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Re: F12 to require "i686", but which CPUs do not qualify?

> I've noticed that F12 will require a CPU with "i686" architecture, and
> that my Athlon 1.2GHz won't qualify.  I accept that F11 is the last
> Fedora release that I'll be able to use.  My concern is that many
> present Fedora users will be unpleasantly surprised that a new
> installation doesn't work, or at least that they've wasted the
> download.
> The Release Notes, starting with the F12 Alpha Release Notes, should
> tell users about this, and so should the release announcements.  The
> difficulty is in telling them what exactly is an "i686" CPU, as that is
> defined by GCC and is said to be a moving target (over the years).  I'm
> hoping that someone qualified can make the appropriate changes to the
> Releases Notes wiki (I don't know what all the requirements are, though
> I do know that the Athlon does not support SSE/SSE2).
> Is there a simple way for ordinary users to know if their CPU is
> expected to work on F12 (as an "i686" according to GCC)?  Is there a
> tool to run that doesn't require downloading F12?


Its outlined in the link above. An athlon should be fine. Basically if
its i586 + cmov it should work. You can tell if you have cmov by
looking at /proc/cpuinfo.

Originally it wasn't planned to support them but there was enough
discussion to change peoples minds :-)


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