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Atention browser maintainers - Docs dropping homepage

For several releases, Docs has maintained a module called homepage, which provides /usr/share/doc/HTML/index_(lang).html. The original idea was to have something to display when the computer is offline. As far as we can tell, the only browser still using this is lynx, presumably the others have dropped it because is just isn't a good idea to make the user think he is online when he isn't.

I found 15 browsers to check in Fedora 11 and none seem to use this except lynx, but there is always a possibility there are other browsers I didn't discover or some browsers use this file under conditions I didn't explore.

If you need this file, let me know, but I think it is preferable to not do this. If lynx really needs this capability, it would probably be better to include it in lynx so that the message can be tailored for the browser.


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