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Re: F12 to require "i686", but which CPUs do not qualify?

Joachim wrote:
> I do not understand then, that there exist i686 packages which have
> higher requirements.

Those packages need to be fixed.

I know there are some audio production packages which are building with SSE 
enabled (and required, those packages don't do runtime detection), IIRC in 
both Fedora and RPM Fusion, in blatant violation of the guidelines, and the 
packager(s) refuse(s) to fix this (they even do it intentionally for new 
packages, despite my objections in the reviews). If I'm not mistaken, most 
of the offenders are owned by oget (Orcan Ogetbil), but if I were you, I'd 
check all the audio production packages.

> Look at the ATLAS library for which I had filed a bug because only
> SSE/SSE2/SSE3 variants are provided

This one needs to get fixed too, of course.

I've looked at how Debian is handling this, but they're stuck at an old 
version (3.6.0), maybe exactly because of this issue. :-(

We need to provide "architectural defaults" for plain i686, even crappy 
ones, they just need to work at all.

        Kevin Kofler

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