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Re: Updates lacking descriptions

On 08/14/2009 07:32 AM, Jesse Keating wrote:
On Fri, 2009-08-14 at 05:41 +0200, Ralf Corsepius wrote:

I strongly think Fedora would be better without Rahul and Kevin, two
persons I have learned to be doing a good job on certain subjects, but
to be a miscast on certain jobs and failure of the system in Fedora.

I strongly feel that Fedora would be better without this negative
attitude, and the appearance that this kind of attitude is tolerated.
OK, do

* you feel FESCo is functional and the people within FESCo are qualified for the positions they are trying to fill?

* you think Fedora 11 was of good quality?

* you think rel-eng and the Fedora infrastructure is working smoothly?

I don't, but do think many of the issues related to these topics are related to certain people being involved.

It's not.  Your continued poisonous and rude attitude on these lists
have gone unchecked for far too long.  Please keep it in check, or spend
some time somewhere else.
First of all I do not consider my answers to be rude, but to be "open". OK, I might not always be using the correct wording (I am not a native English speaker) and phrases people from the US might consider "appropriate phrases" (German is a much direct language than US-English) - My appologies for that.

However, I also think some of you are trying to "wipe issues under the carpet", "try to play issue down" and try to "flame folks who don't share your opinions", instead of wanting to address them.


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