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Re: Confusion with openal-soft

Michael Schwendt wrote, at 08/16/2009 11:47 PM +9:00:
On Sun, 16 Aug 2009 22:39:37 +0900, Mamoru wrote:

Michael Schwendt wrote, at 08/16/2009 09:29 PM +9:00:
On Sun, 16 Aug 2009 14:04:14 +0200, LinuxDonald wrote:

I have updated the packages for F-10 and F-11 with conflicts and without obseltues :)
Explicit Conflicts need the approval of the Fedora Packaging Committee.

This occurs only on F-10/11 and not on rawhide.
Please see the discussion on bug 515109 for details.

First it is pointed out that parallel installable packages would be
preferred, then there is a jump to making them conflict. Why?

To be clear, openal and openal-soft can be installable in parallel
(because of the same library with the different soversion),
however openal-devel and openal-soft-devel is actually in conflict.

openal-soft is intended to replace openal (bug 501132), so on rawhide openal-soft{,-devel} have "Obsoletes (not conflicts): openal{,-devel}".
Note that this will require rebuilds of packages depending on
openal on rawhide (because of soname bump).

On F-10/11 the whole rebuild is not preferable, however it seems that
actually openal-soft is also needed on F-10/11 to fix some bugs
(bug 515109). So on F-10/11, it was decided to make openal and
openal-soft installable in parallel (not making openal-soft obsolete
openal) and make openal-devel and openal-soft-devel in conflict (not
making openal-soft-devel obsolete openal-devel) to avoid mass rebuild.


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