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Re: Confusion with openal-soft

On 08/17/2009 08:32 PM, Christoph Wickert wrote:

> Thomas is a first timer, who joined Fedora recently. Please don't judge
> him by your standards and please don't expect him to follow procedures
> that are not even outlined in the wiki.

I am judging anyone but "if don't break other packages" needs to be a
explicit guideline, feel free to write up a draft.

> The problem is solved, but your incorrect statement about maintainers
> not being able to fix their packages was still not corrected on the
> list. I just wanted to correct that. I'm not fighting, I'm protecting a
> fellow friend of mine against unjustified accusations.

Stop being dramatic.

You have misread what I said. I, as a maintainer cannot fix the problem
introduced by a incorrect obsolete in a underlying library since I am
not the maintainer of that library. It should be fixed by the maintainer
of the library themselves. Nothing incorrect about that. Neither is it
unjust to ask a person to fix the problem they introduced. The
maintainer has now fixed the problem and situation is resolved. End of


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