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Re: Empathy default in F12?

On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 1:14 AM, Gregory Maxwell<gmaxwell gmail com> wrote:
> The official FAQ[1] states that they only intend to support
> protocol-native encryption. This position neglects the large base of
> users that have no interest in switching IM networks and who are
> completely satisfied by auto-negotiating overlay encryption.

I think their policy is sensible, and don't believe it excludes the
possibility of (optional) OTR support.

The far bigger issue, imo, is that we're pushing a worse solution. By
worse, I mean for the average user, it's just not got as nice
interface (subjective, i guess you could try argue) nor support as
many features.

I understand the urge to ship empathy because it's included in gnome
-- but let's be honest: if the two clients were judged side-by-side
and rated, there's not a chance in hell empathy would win. : )

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