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Re: Trouble formatting flash disk

Em 18-08-2009 15:13, Eric Sandeen escreveu:
Could you take this to the linux-ext4 list?  It'd be the more
appropriate place for the discussion.

It'd be good to know the details of the errors you see, too.


Best regards,


Yes, if I know where I can subscribe this list.

Besides, when I format the device as Fat (F16 or F32) it works properly only if I disable multibyte char encoding for directories (by doing: LANG=pt_BR.ISO8859-1 and LC_ALL=pt_BR.ISO8859-1. That should be OK but system should convert file names to proper encoding.

When I format as ext-2 and create a large file, after writing the file I can't write anything else. If I unmount the fs, I am able to mount again and even read the file, but I'm not able to write anything else. But if I fsck it, I'm warned that system was uncleanly unmounted. Several errors appear (I'll repeat the procedure and log the errors).

Basically what I do is:

# FILE_NAME_PREFIX=`date +%y%m%d%H%M`
# tar cjf - /home /opt /usr/local | gpg -c -a -z0 --cipher-algo=aes256 -o /media/kingston/${FILE_NAME_PREFIX}.asc
# md5sum ${FILE_NAME_PREFIX}.asc > ${FILE_NAME_PREFIX}.md5
(this won't execute - cannot write to device).

But if I do:

# df -m /dev/sdd1

it is still plenty of free memory (64GBytes minus about 10GBytes)...

One thing I was thinking is that this flash memory stores data in blocks of 512 bytes and minimum ext2 blocking is 1024 bytes...

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