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Re: glibc error reports go to the bit bucket in koji

Mike Bonnet <mikeb redhat com> writes:
> On 08/18/2009 06:14 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
>> **The build logs from koji do not contain this rather critical
>> information**.  I haven't dug into the glibc sources, but what it
>> looks like on my own machine is that these reports go to /dev/tty
>> not to stderr (and thus not into any log file).

> This is more of a mock issue, since mock is responsible for capturing 
> the output of the build process and directing it to build.log, which 
> koji simply stores.  Is this reproduceable in mock on a local machine?

I think so, but the last few days are kind of a haze of irreproducible
crashes :-(.  And it was only just now that I realized that the logs
showing mysql terminating for no apparent reason looked exactly like
my stdout/stderr captures from terminal sessions that included glibc
reports.  I don't have any way to prove that those sessions actually
included some glibc output that I never saw ... it just seems pretty
likely.  Anyway, given other comments, it seems clear that (1) glibc
does send these things to /dev/tty by default, and (2) nothing in the
koji environment is doing anything to capture such output.

			regards, tom lane

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