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Re: yum-presto plugin by default

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 12:36:15AM -0400, Chuck Anderson wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 11:03:44AM +0800, Steven James Drinnan wrote:
> > I would hold off on the default thing. 
> > 
> > I have found that it has played havoc with intel video drivers and
> > NetworkManager. I do not know how but for me it was a pain in the neck.
> > 
> > All I know is that after I re-installed and upgraded I have had no
> > problems
> > 
> > -1 to installing it by default in F12.
> What the heck does yum-presto have to do with the quality of the 
> xorg-x11-drv-intel and NetworkManager packages?

Responding to myself, are you perhaps confusing yum-presto with 

Name       : yum-presto
Arch       : noarch
Version    : 0.5.0
Release    : 1.fc11
Size       : 78 k
Repo       : installed
Summary    : Presto plugin for yum
URL        : http://www.lesbg.com/jdieter/presto/
License    : GPLv2+
Description: Yum-presto is a plugin for yum that looks for deltarpms rather than
           : rpms whenever they are available.  This has the potential of saving
           : a lot of bandwidth when downloading updates.
           : A Deltarpm is the difference between two rpms.  If you already have
           : foo-1.0 installed and foo-1.1 is available, yum-presto will
           : download the deltarpm for foo-1.0 => 1.1 rather than the full
           : foo-1.1 rpm, and then build the full foo-1.1 package from your
           : installed foo-1.0 and the downloaded deltarpm.

Name       : presto
Arch       : x86_64
Version    : 0.1.3
Release    : 6.fc11
Size       : 35 k
Repo       : fedora
Summary    : A tilemap engine using the Allegro game programming library
URL        : http://www.hypersonicsoft.org/projects/showproject.php?id=29
License    : GPLv3+
Description: Presto is a general-use tilemap engine coded in C that uses Allegro
           : for graphics rendering, and therefore is intended for use in games
           : using Allegro. It can handle rectangular tiles of any height and
           : width (and different height from width), loading tilemaps from
           : files, tile blending, and the capability to change most of these
           : elements on the fly.

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